Buy an intu Merry Hill Gift Card and find out the latest offers and promotions. The production of the Gift Cards and the technology systems required to operate the Gift Cards are provided by Flex-e-vouchers Ltd (registered in the United Kingdom) and Global Processing Services FZLLC (registered in .

In any event the liability of the organisations described in Sections 1.

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Intu is a group of shopping centres found across the UK in places such as Derby, Manchester, Nottingham and more. You can go to your nearest Intu centre to redeem your gift card or browse through their online selection of brands.
The Perfect Gift. We have the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones; Merry Hill Spa gift vouchers! Choose a monetary value or buy a voucher specifically for one of our popular spa packages.
Spa Voucher for Imagine Merry Hill. You can use this voucher on a great range of treatments or packages from Imagine Spa at Copthorne Hotel Merry Hill, Dudley. This voucher is valid for 12 months after purchase.
Give them the gift of everything

Step 1 - Amount

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Sainsbury's We've all been grating cheese wrong for years apparently - here's how to do it properly It turns out that lying the grater on its side and scraping the hunk of cheese horizontally is actually a much smarter way of doing it. Most Read Most Recent. It is an identity check only, and will therefore have no adverse effect on your credit rating. Prior to use, the Gift Card should be signed on the reverse by the person who will be using it.

Normally, we will receive notification of your authorisation by way of an electronic message in line with the rules and procedures of the payment scheme network. Please refer to Section 12 of this agreement for more information. We will deduct the value of the transaction in Pounds Sterling from the remaining balance of the Gift Card.

The retailer or service provider that has accepted your card for payment will normally receive payment within 5 working days. In the case of part payment, the person using the Gift Card will be required to pay the outstanding amount of the purchase by an alternative means, for example, cash or debit or credit card.

The exchange rate varies throughout the day and is not set by us, therefore we are not responsible for and cannot guarantee you will receive a favourable exchange rate. You can ask us for information about the exchange rate used after the transaction has been completed by contacting Customer Services. However, we cannot guarantee this will be the case, and in certain circumstances — for example a serious technical problem — we may be unable to receive or complete transactions.

You must not use or attempt to use your Gift Card outside the shopping centre. The card is not designed to be used for mail order, Internet, or other non face-to-face transactions.

Where you have used the card to pay for goods or services, the value of the transaction plus any relevant fees or charges will be paid to the retailer or service provider via the payment scheme network.

If you know the remaining value on your Gift Card you may be able to make a partial payment to use this value and separately pay the difference by alternative means, such as with cash or a different card.

Not all retailers support this functionality, please check with the retailer before attempting to carry out a split payment. This fee will be handled by your network operator, and will be deducted from the balance of your mobile phone credit or added to your next mobile telephone bill.

The associated balance of the card if any at the expiry date will be forfeited, therefore you should use the full value of the card before its expiry date. Any funds forfeited will be used for the ongoing operation of the gift card programme. We may ask you to provide evidence of ownership of the Gift Card before carrying out the redemption, for example by providing us with a scanned copy of the Gift Card, and we may also require evidence of your identity.

Any refund will be made by returning funds to the source of the original Gift Card purchase; for example if the card was purchased using a credit card, funds will be returned to that credit card. Should you wish to cancel your Gift Card please return it to the Customer Services Desk at the Centre, unsigned and unused with your original sales receipt within 14 days of purchase and a full refund will be made. This means you must take all reasonable steps to avoid the loss, theft or misuse of the Gift Card or details.

Do not disclose the Gift Card details to anyone except where necessary to complete a transaction. You should be happy that the retailer or service provider is genuine and has taken adequate steps to safeguard your information before proceeding with the transaction and supplying them with the physical card or details. You will be asked to provide your Gift Card number and other information to verify that you are the authorised cardholder.

Following satisfactory completion of the verification process, Flex-e-vouchers Ltd will then immediately block any lost or stolen Gift Card to prevent unauthorised use and cancel any damaged Gift Card to prevent further use. If we believe you have delayed notifying us or acted negligently, you may be held liable for the full amount. Replacement cards can only be collected up to the expiry date of the original card as detailed in 8. The replacement card will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date that you collect the replacement card.

The cooling off period described in Section 9. If the shopping centre does not have a Flex-e-pos on site or Flex-e-vouchers is no longer the Gift Card provider for the shopping centre, you will not be able to obtain a replacement Gift Card. Where there is no facility at the shopping centre to replace your Gift Card we will make every effort to replace your card with an equivalent product for another shopping centre in our portfolio.

If we believe you have failed to notify us without undue delay we will not be able to assist you with the dispute. In these cases, you will need to contact our Customer Service team and present relevant evidence to show that the transaction has been cancelled or reversed, in the absence of sufficient evidence we retain the right to impose a waiting period of 5 working days prior to reinstatement of the blocked amount.

As such, please allow days from the date the refund was carried out for the refund to be applied to your Gift Card account. The Customer Services team are available 9am to 10pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 10pm on Saturdays, and 10am to 6pm on Sundays. During these hours we will endeavour to resolve all enquiries immediately, however please note that certain types of enquiry can only be resolved during normal business hours. Correspondence received after the close of business on a particular day will be treated as having arrived at the start of following business day.

We will log your complaint and investigate it in accordance with our Internal Complaints Procedure, once we have investigated your complaint we will issue you with a final response in writing. In any event the liability of the organisations described in Sections 1. We will take all reasonable and necessary steps to recover any loss from you, and there shall be no maximum limit to your liability except where relevant laws or regulations impose such a limit.

This means you should take care of your Gift Card and details and act responsibly, or you will be held liable. This means in the event that Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd became insolvent, your Gift Card may cease to function and may become valueless, and you could lose the monetary value of the Gift Card.

You will not be able to reclaim this money from the FSCS. We take protection of your money seriously, and will be happy to discuss this with you if you have any concerns or questions. In order to provide customer service and administer your account, we may utilise the services of data processors, and may transfer your data outside the EEA.

When we do this, we will take steps to ensure that your data is afforded the same level of protection as it would if your data was processed within the EEA. If any changes are made they will be publicised two months before the changes take effect unless law requires us to make a more immediate change , and copies of the revised Terms and Conditions will be made available at Customer Services Desk and online at www.

It is therefore the responsibility of both the Gift Card purchaser and the recipient to check the website www.

We will deal with any such circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Contact us You may contact us using any of the following methods: By using the feedback form Post: Use and purpose of the Flex-e-card website The Flex-e-card website allows you to browse and order Gift Cards and other products.

It may also allow you to query the balance and view a statement of certain Gift Card products ordered from the website or purchased directly from our clients. Our agreement with you is strictly limited to the provision of these services. Flex-e-card is not liable for damages or direct or indirect loss consequential or otherwise that may result from the use of any Gift Card or other product ordered from us.

In addition the goods and services that may be purchased using Gift Cards from retail stores or other merchants are not guaranteed or endorsed by Flex-e-card nor are Flex-e-card liable for the quality, safety, legality or any other aspect of any goods or services purchased using a Gift Card ordered from Flex-e-card. Disclaimer Your access and use of the Flex-e-card website is subject to these terms and conditions. By accessing, browsing and using the Flex-e-card website you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions without any limitation or further qualification.

Flex-e-card will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of information featured on the website. However the content of the website is supplied as seen without any warranty or other representation including without limitation any warranties implied or otherwise of its fitness for purpose or the suitability of the content featured on the site or the suitability of the systems used to deliver the website and associated ordering and payment processes. Flex-e-card shall make every effort to ensure that this website does not contain any data or viruses that may be harmful to your computer hardware or software or other property.

However we accept no liability for any direct or indirect losses consequential or otherwise arising from accessing, browsing, using or downloading content on the website. Flex-e-card is UK based website intended for the use of individuals and other entities residing in the United Kingdom. The law of England and Wales applies to these Terms and Conditions and the courts of England and Wales will deal with any legal proceedings between us.

We make no representation that the website or its content is suitable or appropriate for use from other locations. Access to and use of the website from other locations is the sole responsibility of the user and it is their responsibility to ensure compliance with local laws, to the extent that such laws may be applicable. These Terms and Conditions do not affect any rights you may have at law. For further information about your rights please contact your local authority Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice Bureau.

Copyright, Trademarks and Intellectual Property Users of the website are permitted to use, browse and print content from the website for their personal non-commercial use only consistent with the intended use and purpose of the website as outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

Flex-e-card is not liable for the accuracy or legality of such Terms and Conditions and you should take all reasonable steps to ensure that you are satisfied with such Terms and Conditions before the placement of an order or use of a Gift Card ordered via Flex-e-card.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions Please note that these Terms and Conditions are subject to change from time to time without notice. Should Flex-e-card change theses Terms and Conditions we will update the website with immediate effect.

Any such changes shall only apply to use of the website or orders occuring after the website has been updated and will not be applied retrospectively.

We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the Terms and Conditions of Issue and Use of Gift Cards or other products advertised on the website are current. Order placement and confirmation Orders are placed by selecting the products that you wish to purchase and proceeding to the order pages. We will then collect the information necessary to process your order before requesting payment.

If you have any promotional codes that may entitle you to a discount on certain products please enter these before completing the payment details. Upon confirmation that your payment has been successful we will commence processing your order.

For the avoidance of doubt our agreement regarding the provision of services does not commence until we have received confirmation of your payment. Upon successful processing of your order you will receive a confirmation by email.

The confirmation will detail the products that you have ordered, the delivery method selected, your personal information and payment information. Please check the confirmation carefully on receipt and notify us of any errors or omissions. Please also contact us with any queries that you may have. If we need to contact you regarding your order we will do so by email or by telephone.

In some instances it may be necessary for us to refuse orders. In these instances we will contact you to explain why we have been unable to process your order. In other instances orders may fail during the purchase or payment processes.

If you believe that you have placed an order with us but have not received a confirmation of order please contact us. Whilst we will make every effort to ensure that the products advertised on the website will be available we do not guarantee such availability.

If the products that you have ordered are unavailable either temporarily or permanently we will contact you by email or by telephone. Flex-e-card is in no way liable for any damages or direct or indirect losses consequential or otherwise arising from unavailability of products advertised on the website. If you require a full invoice for any order please check the invoice box on the order pages and we will provide an invoice in electronic format in addition to your order confirmation.

If you do not receive your invoice or have any queries regarding your invoice please contact us. Payment and security Flex-e-card accepts payment by credit card, debit card and bank transfer. All order details and card payments processed via Flex-e-card are subject to certificated bit SSL encryption to protect your personal information and payment card details.

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Give them the gift of everything. The intu Gift Card lets them choose exactly what they want. You can use the intu Gift Card at your favourite stores, restaurants and leisure facilities in the centre. Mobile Number. We will send the activation code to a UK mobile, this can either be your mobile, or the recipient of the gift card. Please note that the text message is sent when your order is shipped. MasterCard and Maestro Gift Cards are issued by Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd (“WDCS”) pursuant to licence by MasterCard International Inc. Cards operate within a limited network, and as such are not regulated under e-money regulations.