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He said I was given wrong information and that warehouse delays weren't Avenue problems.

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How unprofessional is that! Just write off the price of the bag as customer service. Also u can not just make up ur own price for the bags-someone is making a little extra money on the side here. Or how about this-I purchased a lace dress and it was just thrown in a bag.

How about on a hanger enclosed in plastic-WOW what a concept. Dysfunctional Avenue shipping and customer service. The online USPS tracking slip showed a shipping weight more indicative of 1 sweater, not 3. The first time I was told the customer rep would have to send an email to her support and that I should call back the following day. When I called the next day, I was then told by another customer rep it will take 3 days to get a reply to their email. But when I called back 3 days later, I was then told it really takes 5 days.

Adding to the annoyance is that each call involved an almost 15 minute wait while on hold. No one has a clue at Avenue. First, they short my order by 2 items but charge for all and then it takes them an absurd amount of time to correct their mistake. Although I placed my initial order on December 1, it looks like it will take a near miracle for the omitted items to arrive by December I placed an order on December 8, As of December 14 it had not shipped.

When I called to cancel the order, as it had been a gift, I was told that I could not. And that it was Avenue's policy that it could take days to ship something. That is not mentioned when purchasing. I was told that if it was not shipped on the 15th, to call and it would be cancelled. On December 15, I called and received horrible service. The gentleman was rude.

He said I was given wrong information and that warehouse delays weren't Avenue problems. When I asked to speak to a supervisor,he said I could but it wouldn't matter because she would say the same thing. And he was correct. Samantha Jones would not cancel the order. When I mentioned that it was unfair that I had to burden the cost of shipping and the stress of returning an item I did not want, she did not care.

She told me to stop payment at the bank. When I told her the bank charges, she said oh well. She told me to refuse the package. She said she could refund the shipping but not the order charge. I will be returning the merchandise and most likely will not doing business with Avenue anymore. I have also posted my experience on social media.

I've shopped at Avenue for over twenty years. I've never been so disgusted. I will be contacting the corporate offices to let them know how their customers are being treated. I agree with everyone's comment. The representative said that it appears the order will be mailed separately. I didn't quite understand that because the invoice indicated that the item was included in the shippment and I had been charged for it.

The representative told me to wait a few days to see if it would arrive in the mail and if not to call back to speak to a supervisor. Her explanation was not clear, she was over talking me, abruptly put me on hold as I was talking. Next thing I know she had transferred me to a supervisor. The supervisor continued to apologize, but that's not good enough especially when I have been a loyal customer.

I will never shop at avenue again and I will tell everyone I know to never shop there. Shannon need to be fired, I would never have a worker like her working for my company. I have the same complaint as other Avenue customers the customer service sucks. The manager in the store in Duluth, Georgia is very rude and has NO customer service skills.

Because of her, I am forced to keep a sweater that was damaged before I purchased it. I am currently in the process of speaking to someone in the corporate office and if they cannot resolve the issue I will never shop there again. I placed an order December 2, by december 9th is did not show that it had shipped I called twice december 9th and again december 11th.

Both times the customer service rep could give me no answer but be patient. The second rep told me just to contact fed ex whenever it did ship and see what they could do about getting it to me. This rep would not let me cancel the order and went so far to tell me that there were over 30, orders and that I just had to wait my turn. I am leaving for the holidays today and will be gone for 2 weeks. The new estimated ship date is Dec. When I am not home and after I needed these outfits. If this is the level of service they are offering, I am never shopping with them again1.

I will never do business with Avenue again. What a horrible experience. I ordered four items online. I was shipped only three of the items, but charged for all four. Avenue will not refund me my money. They have offered to issue me a merchandise credit instead. I don't agree with this decision.

I have been through several rounds with multiple customer service agents, all of whom told me they would follow up with me. Not a single one of them did. Two months later and I still have not been issued a merchandise credit. I don't have a lot of money to begin with and now this shitty company comes along and steals from me. I know how you feel. I ordered some stuff from then over two years ago amd one of the items was not available anymore, but they still charged me for all of it.

They told me they woild give me a gift card and I was ok with that I ordered 4 items from the online store on November 30th as Christmas gifts that they claimed shipped but never shipped. The credit card was also charged. No one to date can tell me the status of the shipment. I placed an order last night and was using gift cards to pay for it as I had gotten gift cards for Christmas, At any rate, I had three gift cards.

The website allowed me to use the first gift card. I then put in the information for the second gift card and clicked apply to use that card, but instead, the website submitted my order WITHOUT my authorization, charging my bank account, causing my account to go into a negative balance.

Now I am being charged overdraft fees and all of that. I contacted customer service when the email form I filled out on their website would not send -- it kept refreshing like it was sending, but never sent, and they say there is nothing wrong with their site. At any rate, the man I spoke with said he could do nothing -- I only wanted the gift cards to be used and my account be credited back the money but they said they can do nothing once an order has been processed.

I tried cancelling it on the site while it was still being processed, before I got the confirmation email, but it would not let me cancel it and even last night it would not send the email form I filled out to ask them to fix it. Today, the man I spoke with told me he was speaking to the corporate office, then told me he simply emailed them and to wait 1 - 2 hours and they would get a response.

I waited, didn't get a call back so I called back and they lady said it took 3 - 5 days, so I was lied to again. I finally got them to transfer me to a supervisor who did not believe that their website could be having issues, but after I threatened a lawsuit as they had stolen from me, she called my bank and got the transaction reversed. Terrible website and customer service.

I placed my order on Dec. Every time I call their customer service they give me different answers. I am beginning to think that they are going out of business and not able to keep up with the orders but still continue to process them. In this day and age where retailers want to get your order to you as quickly as possible, this makes Avenue look very dubious and deceitful.

As an ex employee, this is one of the worst companies I have worked for. The management does not know how to treat their employees. The pay scale is minimum wage and they expect you to work like a slave. I just quit working there today. My daughter-in-law just quit because the managers and employee's treated her like crap and they even took to facebook, posting mean things I wish I could quit,I dont agree with any of the policies, dont think its fair for the customers to have to wait days up to a week for a simple answer either.

But still, I have to pay student loans: I urge everyone to do no business with Avenue, I am deeply saddened because I really love their clothes, but I don't give my money to places that do not care about the customer at all.

The consumer is the reason they are employed. Not responding or resolving a consumer complaint will over time put them out of Business. I call the actual store the other day in regards to him signing my mother up to receive magazine. I've call everyday since the original "Claim" was filed and they keep saying they haven't heard back on the "Claim" and they can't process a reorder of the boots until they do. Hopefully, once this issue is resolved, which seems highly doubtful it will b e right now, rest assured I will NEVER order anything from Avenue again!

Poor, poor customer service! This is the worst company. I shop on line becasue there is not a store near me. I recieve reward certicates in the mail that i can not use becasue they are only good in the store.

I have spoken to so many people about the problem but no one cares. I have had orders that were not file correctly and some that to almost two month to get my money back. I will not longer shop at the avenue and I will be canceling my credit card too. My daughter in law was treated like shit and run off by the other managers..

My issues are finally being taken care of, but I thought I would share them here because so many others seem to be having the same issues. I made a purchase that was not sent in a timely fashion, returned the purchase, and had been having an impossible time getting a refund.

My order had not been received. I was told to tell them to use the provided return shipping label. I called your Customer Service line again and spoke to [Name and Agent ID redacted], who took my email and said she would look into the matter for me. I am informed that I will not be getting refunded for 2 of the items, as they were on clearance. The call is escalated to an incredibly rude account manager and becomes heated, I disconnected the call and opted for the ill-proposed "option" to appeal to corporate via the Contact Us form on the website.

This account manager told me not once but twice that doing so would change nothing, and also that her contacting corporate would change nothing. This call lasted for 43 minutes. I call back to customer service, request an account manager. She also told me that the previous account manager had erroneously notated the account with the claim that I was purely upset about the clearance items, said nothing of my request for a refund of shipping or anything else.

This call lasted 9 minutes, 5 of which was me on hold. As soon as I get that refund I am closing my credit account and never shopping with Avenue again. This company has gone way downhill. I am a long-time loyal customer, but something has definitely changed at the Avenue and it is not for the better; their corporate policies have become so customer-unfriendly that I am actually considering not shopping there anymore.

In December, I placed a large online order which included a top I wanted to wear to a holiday event. It arrived on time, but was too big. No problem, because I can just pop into my local Avenue store to swap it for a different size, right?

I've never heard of such a strange policy from a major retailer! I stood at checkout scouring the site with my phone looking for any mention of this policy. I couldn't find anything about it anywhere and was sure the employees were mistaken, but they were insistent, unapologetic and flat and just kept saying "that's the policy. Alright, then instead of just swapping this top for a different size, take the whole order back and give me a refund.

Yup, all of it. Fast forward to the following month, when I placed another large order. I kept most of it, but brought three pairs of boots to my local store for a refund not gonna mess with their bizarre exchange policy.

I had my receipt, my packing slip, my unworn boots in their original packaging with all tags attached exactly as received a couple of weeks prior. Apparently I can't get a refund because I checked out using paypal. I did manage to find this "paypal exception" language buried in the fine print, but if you're going to have a policy that is so far off the norm from other major retailers, you need to put it right out front in bold when your customers elect the paypal checkout option.

I would have been perfectly happy to checkout directly using the same credit card that I used to checkout with via paypal. So now I have a store credit for a store that I suddenly hate. I don't know what has caused Avenue to become so decidedly customer-unfriendly, but I'm doing whatever I can to spread the word to my fellow shoppers.

I posted about both incidents to the Avenue's facebook page, but surprise, neither post showed up. I sent messages and emails to Avenue; no response. But there was no mechanism by which I could file a complaint about the store. His exact quote was "There is nothing you can do, and there is nothing I can do. This one similarly insisted that there is no such policy, and read off the "easy in-store exchange" website text to me. I pushed and pushed and he finally put me on hold.

When he came back, he said that he had just read correspondence from corporate which said that some stores have this policy, but they don't know which. What planet am I on?? There is no mention anywhere -- not on the website, not on the facebook page, not in the checkout process, not on the packing slip -- that you might be charged exorbitantly for an in-store exchange. How can they possibly print something like "Easy in-store exchanges" with a straight face?

Corporate staff must crack up every time they see that language, while they mutter "suckkkkerssss" under their breath. These policies are ridiculous. The lack of disclosure and transparency is ridiculous. The customer service is ridiculous. I have been a very long time customer, but Avenue has gone down hill tremendously.

I ordered 4 items in December. It took over two weeks to receive and they sent a sweater instead of the jeans. I have called multiple times and they say it will be done, but it hasn't been done. The sales reps in the stores are rude. Placed an order with Avenue. The store cancel the order since items were not available and send money back. Placed a second order and a third order. A couple days later I notice that money was debit from Avenue. I was not sure why since the bank had debited the second and third order.

While I was trying to find out. Two 2 packages arrive at my home. I open them and saw that the first package contain items from the first order that originally Avenue had cancel and notice that a piece of jewelry I had order had been substitute and it was damage. The second package had items I had order but one item was missing a peach blouse.

I return the first order and partial on the second order. I contacted Avenue on the phone with no luck trying to get a resolution. I also have send several emails in regards to this issue.

I contacted the customer service and spoke with Ray who stated that he was going to send an incident report to head quarters since he was unable to resolve this issue of the substitute damage jewelry and missing item. In regards to the missing item the peach blouse I got an email stating that they will send me the blouse until today I have not received nothing.

And no one will answer my questions in regards to get my credit back for the two items. I was told that Avenue will not accept faulty merchandise back because it was worn. THEY are selling merchandise that they do not back up. Will never shop there again. I purchased a pair of pants, wore them once, washed them and now I can not wear them due to all the seams having issues that can not be fixed.

Very frustrated, those pants were not cheap. I placed an order on April 23rd for two pair of sandals and a pair of swim suit cover up pants. My order was received in a timely fashion BUT, when I opened the box to a pair of the sandals that is needed for Saturday to my surprise the strap was broken.

I immediately called Avenue Customer Service. Was not happy with their response because I wanted my sandals resent to me immediately so I could have them for the event in which they were ordered for but was told I had to return the defective ones 1st. I spoke with a CS Supervisor and was told the same thing.

I asked for the to Corporate for Avenue. I googled their Corporate Office, got a phone , spoke with a lady by the name of Lisa who was very helpful, took some info from me.

Said she needed to forward to a lady by the name of Chrissy. Said she would explain my issue, let Chrissy know this was time sensitive and have her give me a call. Sure enough, Chrissy called me within the hour, asked me to take a picture of the defective sandal and email it to her I did.

Your going above and beyond is really appreciated. One of the items purchased was a bag. Within the week since it was purchased I used the bag twice. I noticed there was a tear in the bag. I went back to the store and explained that I had gotten rid of the receipt but asked if they could just change the bag or give me store credit. They refused to do anything for me so now I am stuck with a cheap bag poorly made that I can no longer use. I will never shop at an Avenue again and I will do my best to get my story out there so that no one has to be treated like I was treated.

The Avenue should be ashamed of their policies and treat the customer with respect and do what you can to make a bad situation better. The Avenue has definitely gone downhill.

I personally work at this company and it treats their employees like trash! They give us only 20 hours and then hire a lot of other people and say they don't have enough hours. Rectangle body shapes look great in clothing that creates the illusion of curves or accentuates the naturally straight figure.

Some guidelines to follow when dressing rectangle shapes include:. With this body shape, women have shoulders that are wider than the hips. Additionally, the bust is also on the larger side. The goal when dressing an inverted triangle is to draw attention to the slim and lean lower body. Some styles to consider when shopping for clothes for an inverted triangle body shape are:. Shop online or head to your nearest Walmart to find your next flattering outfit.

For extra savings, check out our Rollbacks and other Special Offers on plus-size clothing. Special Offers Rollbacks Savings Clearance. Hourglass Shape With an hourglass body shape, a woman has a full bust and hips paired with a naturally slim waist.

Some style options to consider when dressing an hourglass shape are: Fitted shirts and tops highlight the narrow waist. Supportive fabrics hide any extra weight around the abdomen to further emphasize the waist.

Pencil skirts and other skirts that end at the knee accentuate natural curves. Avoid frilly tops that add extra bulk to the bust and disrupt the natural balance of the figure. Apple Shape Apple body shapes have the widest measurements around the middle of the body. Follow these guidelines when dressing an apple shape: Shirts that are ruched, or pleated, in the middle hide the tummy for a flattering look.

Woven tops are thicker and don't cling to the body as much as other tops to even out the shape. V-neck tops, patterned tops and tops with a flared hemline draw attention away from the belly. Tops and jackets should sit just below the hipbone to elongate the torso. Pear Shape Pear body shapes are the most common plus-size shapes. Some examples of styles that can achieve this look are: Layered tops paired with a short jacket break up the elongated torso and make the legs appear longer.

Waist belts emphasize and draw attention to the slim waist. Colorful tops, especially those with collars and pockets, draw attention to the upper body, as do accessories like scarves and necklaces. Pair bright tops with dark bottoms to further emphasize the top half. V-line tops accentuate the upper half. Rectangle Shape Rectangle body shapes do not have any one prominent feature. Some guidelines to follow when dressing rectangle shapes include:


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