H&M Label Of Graded Goods Medium Winter Jacket. Get a great deal with this online auction for a jacket presented by Property Room on behalf of a .

A that their identifiable information be masked, or B that their trademark pages permanently deleted from Trademarkia. Maybe I'm just lucky? Show only see all Show only. We always offer fast and high quality sales service.

H&M Label Of Graded Goods Medium Winter Jacket. Get a great deal with this online auction for a jacket presented by Property Room on behalf of a .
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Shop L.O.G.G Label of Graded Goods Clothing for cheap and save up to 70% off retail on top kids brands. Every order on Schoola raises funds for schools!
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In my opinion, the boxers are kind of tight, but I also have large thighs. However, I think a lot of people like them since they're always mentioned whenever an underwear thread pops up. I like the polos because they're slim. Tank tops and t-shirts are pretty good considering how cheap they are. Also, the suits are great if you need one that's inexpensive but still looks great.

Nah man, you're right- the boxer briefs there are super tight plus But maybe we just have huuuuge American penises. Do the majority of people here on MFA pull their penis out the slit in underwears?

And does that mean one of these guys would also keep the pants buttoned, unzip and pull dick through the underwear slit? When I was younger, it felt awkward and strange. Now it's my goto method. Or just unzipping, reaching in and whipping it out?

I don't even know, man. I had the same reaction when I noticed for the first time. They even make it LOOK like there's a piss-hole I swear to god I thought I had accidentally bought women's underwear when I first put them on. Chinos, casual button-ups, blazers not the best quality but inexpensive and a wide variety , hoodies. I have like 3 or 4 shirts from their LOGG label that have help up pretty nicely after a year of wear.

All their sweats are great too, 2 pairs of sweatpants and swearshorts and a crewneck sweat no complaints. The slim chinos are great but as a word of warning I've found the sizing can vary at random, I've had multiple pairs of the same ones but the two I recently bought both felt like they were almost a size bigger, so there's some quality control issues for sure.

The slim chinos got a hole and lost the button within 3 months for me. Admittedly they were kind of tight at the hip but that's your other point; random sizing. I bought a t-shirt from them that fell apart on me after about a year, but I also have one that I bought in which is still holding up well, even after a years worth of travelling the globe and almost daily wear.

I haven't branched out into any other stuff like jackets or shoes as they look flimsy in the shop, but T's, shirts and jeans are alright in my book. Most things from that section have far outlasted any Divided stuff I have purchased. I'd choose Uniqlo instead for basics. You know I want to stock up basics from Uniqlo so badly but since I'm not in NYC I'd have to order online and there goes your perfect fit.

Uniqlo gives a metric fuckton of measurements for each item, so it's actually not too hard to get the right fit. There's several Uniqlos in northern California now. Two in SF, one in Santa Clara. I can't speak for the rest of the country but their brand is clearly expanding. Stay away from anything with the "Divided" label.

It is the cheapest stuff that they sell. After wearing them in, they are my most comfy pair of shoes. I wear them year round, with out without sucks. I have two pairs blue and red and I plan on getting more in the future. I've actually been very pleased with their suits.

If you have the right body type for their sizes, with a little hemming and they're actually very good for the price.

There aren't really any durability issues because you shouldn't be that rough on your suits. I also like the fit of their dress shirts for my body and haven't had any durability issues there. The cheap ones feel like they're made of plastic and I wouldn't recommend. I have a cotton shawl cardigan that's not very warm but looks great and has held up, as well as a couple of shirts. Another shirt kinda fell apart.

Their stuff is cheap, so you can go ahead and get something like a collarless acid-wash denim shirt without worrying too much about it. To put it another way: Uniqlo sells some basic v-neck sweaters and cardigans, and last season they had some nice flecked wool stuff. The quality is worse, but the variety and price is better.

The shirts and V necks are solid but you have to get the "stretch" kind. The other kinds shrink like no ones business. Whatever you do don't buy their shoes. I got their MMM collab side zips on clearance and the heel fell off the first night I wore them.

Their knit sweaters are pretty fragile in the wash too, and I air dry pretty much everything. I bought 2 pairs of shoes from them last summer. One pair of cheap acryllic dress shoes and one pair of canvas shoes. Both have held up for about a year. I've had nothing but ok experience with their shoes considering the price.

I find their pants are pretty long lasting, I've had some pairs for years, only a bit of fading in the knees. Their cheap shoes are decent and affordable too, just need to put some insoles in them.

I've bought a few pieces from there, but it was generally just because I had a gift card to spend. T-shirts immediately come to mind as being superior at Target. I've never bought something there I've regretted, but I've also never bought anything other than shirts and a cardigan. And nothing felt worth buying if I wasn't really just trying to use a gift card.

Yeah, I heard the same thing about their clothes falling apart but I have a few collared, button up shirts from them which have held up for nearly a year.

Also a few pairs of pants and tees for nearly the same time. I've bought a pair of cords in black and one in navy from them, they were a little stiff but interchanging the two throughout the entire school year and the only problem i've had was holes in the pockets but thats probably how i put my pens in them.

I've found it warm enough winters where I live just get down to freezing , the fit is pretty good and the buttons haven't loosened noticeably. It's still one of my go-to winter coats. I'd also definitely recommend the David Beckham underwear.

It's super comfortable and I like the way it fits. I love the thing. Their chinos are great, I have 2 pairs that fit better than any other pants I own, and I have 4 of their henleys, which are also excellent. If I could afford to buy and wear their clothes one time and then throw them out I would be pretty happy. Otherwise the super cheap materials get ruined pretty fast and hardly anything holds up in the wash. I have a swim suit that I bought from them about months ago and I have been very pleased with it.

Their short-legged swim trunks are actually pretty kickass, though obviously that style isn't for everyone. All their pants are great. A pair of chino and shorts I bought from two years ago is still going strong without any visible damage. I don't really mess with their tops to much. Maybe it's just my local store but the collar on most of the shirts are already all stretched out and that's not really reassuring.

I've mostly just gotten shorts and pants from them. With shorts don't go for the absolute cheapest but the one's like one price range above them.

The shorts I got in May probably aren't making it to next summer. Their stuff isn't that bad, just don't plan on having it for a long time. Cardigans I will tell you all right now their cardigans fucking fall apart like magic in the washer.

Meanwhile third shirts are made out of titanium cause I still have some from like a year and a half ago. Their t shirts are weird on my shoulders. Kind of does this: Yea it's all hit or miss at h an m, I bought two of the same hoodies in different colors, one was done in a few months, the other I still wear a year later.

Their shorts last awhile, normally get a blow out with the buttons. But that's an easy fix. Their chinos aren't too shabby, been wearing a pair for work for over a year and they've held up nicely. I really like their underwear the Beckham kind super comfortable and holds up.

Their chinos are very comfortable and breathable. As previously mentioned thier easy iron button downs are great for business casual. I don't like thier jeans very much. I have one pair of slim fits that are now only slim in the legs and fit very oddly on me now and my pair of skinny jeans tore after 5 months or so. Give it a shot see what you like just know its all European cuts so everything is a bit skinnier then you think its gonna be. I usually buy 10 of those and they ladt me a few years.

Then I get new ones. Slim Chinos have been great. I've been wearing them for about a year, at least once or twice a week each at work, and they've held up fine and haven't shrunk significantly in the watch. But stick to the basics and you should do well! They've lasted two years so far and I wear them frequently in the summer. They have a button fly as well, which is nice. I'm very happy with them so far, no issues. Hopefully they'll last through next summer.

I may have to sew a button back on eventually, but there's no sign of that so far. After that, the stuff tears, comes apart, etc. The shirts shrink a lot but I've had a lot of twill pants from there that are quite nice: I had a pair of jeans that lasted 8 years from them bought , and I stopped shopping there altogether unless it was a specific item that only they had.

He isn't scrawny, but also isn't very wide in his torso. Their button ups fit well in the body and aren't super tight in the arms. I will add that I wash them on cold and hang dry, very little wrinkling so we don't iron. We also haven't had a problem with shrinking, but nearly everything I own shrinks so I'm pretty good about how I care for them. I do laundry about once every two weeks. The fabric is always really thin and light and the seams are shit, and knowing how hard I am on my clothes I know they wouldn't last more than 5 minutes.

Their short's last a long time. I wearing a pair of cut-offs right now that i've had for about 3 months. I use them for the essentials that aren't really going to be seen, like socks and underwear. Have a couple of pairs of trousers from them that were quite cheap and very pleased with them for the outlay.

I went to Primark in the UK not so long ago, and in general most of the stuff I bought there was alot better, even though the price is similar. I have a v neck plain tee that still fits great after like a year and it still looks great. Their hoodies are solid for their price, and if you can find stuff on sale it's even better.

Going on 3 years with both of them. They still look brand new and both fit great. I own a few pairs of their dress shirts. Great fit, very slim. After several washes the fabric still looks the same. My line of thought was I'll get these crappy clothes and when they wear thin, I'll just buy more and get quality clothes post college.

Maybe I'm just lucky? Or maybe too many people hop on the hate bandwagon? The only thing that has ever lasted with me from there is a hoodie and jacket.

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No advice, opinions or information, whether oral or written, obtained from PropertyRoom or through the website or services shall create any warranty. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties, so the some of the foregoing exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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